Fitness Flu

Hi, I am Mahima!

I was absolutely hostile to the concept of fitness and always steered away from all things involving sports activity throughout my school journey. 

However, no matter how much I coached myself in the field, lack of nutritional awareness ended me up with acne, hair fall & severe hormonal issues. Gradually, I commenced equipping myself with nutritional facts, putting my consumption pieces together, did my permutation and combination in terms of food & fitness, and fell in love with where I was investing my head and heart.

Thanks to the digital world where I got a platform to showcase my talent, share my knowledge and establish FF’s identity. It all started with just casually sharing my lifestyle journey with my Instagram audience, and helping people unknowingly with my inherited knowledge. As I started to understand that I am impacting the ones around me, I realised they needed a more personalised approach for inching closer towards long term goals. 

From a girls college to pursuing Public Relations & Advertising from India’s premium space – IIMC, Delhi to actually not walking the road ahead and making a turn towards nutrition, I am a qualified nutritionist today. 

They say ‘if you love something, never do it for free’.

I knew ‘one fits all approach’ doesn’t work in the real world. I could vividly see the potential of my nutritional knowledge along with my style of coaching altering lives. I started providing paid online diet consultation and converted it into my full-time job. I made people understand how important it is to build a relationship with food and how western diets are not effective. It’s time to get back to your roots because root problems require ‘root’ solutions. 

We plan, you execute! 

Food for thought: Your MIND will always believe what you tell it. Remember to feed it with great food ideas & lots of LOVE!

Love & Light,