💓Healthy And Quick Recipe💓
🍽Palak Patta Salad🍽
You can have this salad as an appetiser before your main meal. This is one of my favourite salads. It is simply divine.

▶️Spinach (palak)
➡️Carrot (or any veggies that you like)
➡️Toothpick (for presentation😉)
Procedure :
1)Take a pan and Sauté all veggies in ghee to make a salad🥗 . You can add some salt, pepper , oregano for taste.

2)Take some Spinach leaves (remove stem) and spread them on a pan (swipe to see the picture how I’ve done) for 10 seconds so that the leaves become tender and you can eat it.🥬

3)How to present it? Put your veggies on 1 leaf and fold it and then using a toothpick, tie it .

4)You can make as many rolls as you want and enjoy your palak patta salad🥙