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Results have a regime


Reverse PCOS

Results have a regime.

Mahima is giving Happy Health to people around. It’s an unmatched way to
coach someone with body issues. Weight loss is far more emotional than its
perceived value.

I am a transformed person today. Those little messages on her posts that are
retained in the head – God you’d feed on them every time you’re inching closer
towards giving up.
Discipline is the HIGHEST form of Self-Love, and that is what Mahima Sethia is
all about!

Cannot vouch for this woman enough.

With all my love,
A healthier soul & a fitter person,


Fat Loss

I am very happy that I took Mahima as my Nutritionist because before her, I know only one method of reducing weight and that is by not eating the food. But you have changed my mindset that we can be FIT by eating all kinds of Tasty Foods too!

As I am staying on an island in Indonesia, I understand that it is a big task for you to provide me with the Diet Plan but you took it as a challenge and helped
me a lot in this journey which I am very happy about.

I hope you reach your goal soon and share your knowledge with others for their
happy lives.

Eti Vats

Fat Loss

I am a mother of two and a model by profession and hence being fit and healthy is a crucial part of my life. The diet that Mahima gives me is very easy to follow because she worked around my taste and timings. She has always taken care of little things and has helped to build a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable.

Paridhi Patodia

Thyroid Cure & Fat Loss

I joined FF Nutrition Coaching because I wanted to lose some weight and also cure my thyroid. I was following Mahima on Instagram for a very long time. I opted for her consultancy during college when I had to travel for full day and was low on confidence. After trying a lot of things, I opted for Fitness Flu as her posts very really motivating. Her diet was more of a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet and best part about Mahima is that she is always available for her clients. She keeps changing the diet every week as per the body’s requirement which is really great


Acid Reflux, PCOS

I cannot thank Mahima enough for the lifestyle that she has given to us, all the members of my family now follow this routine, and my main goal to take up this diet plan was to develop a habit and it seems I succeeded in that.

I appreciate the positive notes that she shared with me daily, for keeping a check and for sharing such innovative recipes which proved to be so good for my metabolism. Indian food indeed has hidden wonders if taken properly. That is what Mahima is all about!

After 2 months, I know my body better, what all it can intake and how much my
metabolism has improved just by doing small edits to my diet.

Keep shining and keep transforming lives.

Shrishti Aggarwal

Fat Loss

I joined Fitness Flu with my friend as I wanted to become fit. The best thing is that her diet was super easy to follow, nothing fancy that is difficult to manage. Everything could be easily cooked at home; hence I could continue it for a long time.

Param Narula

Muscle Building

I know Mahima as we came at same gym. She has always motivated me to stay consistent with my healthy eating. She also keeps taking workout updates which pushes one to not miss the routine as when you are accountable, you stay consistent. I love how systematic and smooth her coaching system is. Very happy and satisfied with results.


Fat Loss

Mahima, thanks a lot. My family owes our lifestyle to you. It has been nothing less than a new way of life gifted by your guidance.

All my best wishes to you.

Ankita Vaghasia

Fat Loss

After being coached by Mahima, I realised that it’s the Indian food and sticking
to my roots will define my perfect health and wellness. Mahima’s diet plans are
sustainable and easy to follow. She focuses on ‘Nutrition’ as a concept,

For 1 st month of my journey, she made me focus on one problem at a time
which was to have a baby Baby steps instead of jumping into a whole big thing were her approach. Heading to the next level with fitness flu here am I am taking off my flight to the journey of wellness slowly and heading towards the right path.

Up to today, I am writing this because I feel better by taking baby steps; we are
humans and humans do make mistakes and be better by learning from them.
Discipline is the key but we are not robots so we just can’t install in our lives, we
cultivate and as the tree takes time to grow from seed with proper nourishment
and care, HABITS do require proper care to build into a strong ritual; DAY IN
AND DAY OUT make better decisions, choose healthier options and live by
moving around is what BASIC humans do.


Fat Loss, Low Strength & Immunity

Hi Mahima. I am feeling great after following your diets for a year. Love how you incorporate kadhas, green juices, not only weight loss but you also helped me strengthen my immunity through all the natural kitchen foods where I don’t have to worry about any side effects. I get so many complements from others that my inches have reduced. You have also motivated me to workout better. Thankyou. All the credit goes to you. Thanks for your suggestion, support and everything.

Anagha Patil

Fat Loss

I highly recommend working with Mahima! She’s professional, knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, and a great listener. Mahima helped me set food and self-care goals, and provided realistic strategies for meeting those goals in my everyday life. I saw drastic and positive change in myself.With Mahima’s program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. She did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. I’m excited to continue to implement the information and new lifestyle in my daily life!

Renu Singh

High BP, Fat Loss

I was 71 kgs when I joined Mahima and it got 67 kgs in a moth. I also happen to lost inches. She also helped me balance my blood pressure. She suggests simple ayurvedic home remedies that are very effective. I am happy with the results.

Tanvika Luthra

Fat Loss

My Inspirational Leader, Motivator & Instructor. Your diet tips are really amazing. I have been able to stick to my workout too throughout coaching. Thanks for helping me transform.



I have struggled with Acne for a very long time. I got to know about Mahima through a friend and all her tips have been great help for me. I see a huge difference in my skin after consistently following her diet. As she says it’s not just what you eat but also what you digest. Thankyou for giving me back my confidence.

Sonal Chanana

Fat Loss

When I moved to Australia I was living on junk food. I had a gained a lot of weight. When I bumped into her account I realized I don’t know a lot of things so joined her coaching and it was a great learning. She is always there to answer my queries and tell food alternatives. She helped me become more mindful of my choices and help me build a healthy relationship with food.

CS Shikha

Fat Loss

I availed the package for 4 weeks and my journey has been amazing. Weight loss
was never my consideration. I just wanted to have healthy eating habits. She not only helped me in keeping my body healthy and free from all the existing problems but also lost 5 kgs in a short period. I would highly recommend her services to any person who is having bodily issues. Thankyou Mahima for all the efforts and being together with me on this journey.


Gut Issues, Nutritional Deficiencies

I had lots of digestive issues, national deficiency, low metabolism. Frankly, the diet Mahima suggested to me has increased my work-outs capacity immensely and helped improve overall health. Thank you very much for your support and patience on the journey with me.

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