Being out of work—or stuck in a job that makes you miserable—would be difficult for anyone. Add in clinical depression, and the hard days can seem even more impossible to get through. Your toolbox for getting through depressive episodes may include exercising every day, maintaining a schedule, or ensuring you get a set number of hours of sleep every night. Whatever helps you to keep your head above water, make sure you’re prioritizing it during your job hunt. It convinces you that you have no skills, no discernable talents, and no worthwhile contributions to make to the world.

  • Set a reasonable target of how many applications you’ll do each day, bearing in mind that some applications will take entire days to finish.
  • In this eBook, you will gain insight into the most popular, highest-paying jobs for PhDs – all of which will allow you to do meaningful work AND get paid well for it.
  • You’re left wondering what went wrong with no concrete answers.
  • Order takeout and binge your favorite show to help you relax and unwind.

After weeks of dealing with these feelings, the telltale sign of depression will likely sneak in–hopelessness. Depression can come in many forms and can occur in various events.

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Planning for the most common questions is still helpful, and it will help you feel more confident. Finding a job while depressed requires as many confidence-padding techniques as possible. Returning to the idea of self-compassion, recognize that you’ll have good days and bad days, and that you may have varying capacity for certain kinds of tasks from one day to the next. For example, on good days you might focus on networking and building connections, and on other days you may not feel up to that. If you’re having a particularly bad day, remember to be gentle with yourself.

  • Spend 1 hour tying up loose ends from yesterday’s applications.
  • The tips that are listed above cover additional ways for you to maintain your mental health while looking for the job you love.
  • Nobody is perfect, but we’re blessed with the opportunity to grow from our mistakes — adopting a “growth mindset” will help you embrace and improve from errors.
  • What can be irritating sometimes is the anxiety that is built through the suspense of waiting.

So many people wait to get help and end up making decisions that they deeply regret later. Depression doesn’t discriminate– it happens to good people all of the time. It’s so important to remember that you need to address it as an illness, not as a sign of weakness or defect.

Time Management: Treat Finding A Job, Like A Job

There are a million and one factors that go into finding and keeping a job. You can be the perfect candidate on paper, but maybe you don’t have that much chemistry with the team. Or maybe you wake up one day ready to find a job, but there’s a drought of openings in your area. Do you think you have trouble speaking during interviews? What about job-specific skills you could have more experience with? Make a note of where you think you might have weaknesses and do your best to remedy them. Instead, stick to finding a role at the right level that you know is the logical next step in your career.

depression and job search

Spend time preparing for each stage of the job process. If you’re prepared, you’ll feel less depressed and anxious about finding a job and more confident in your prospects! You’ll also free up some space in your brain, which always helps. Search for family-friendly jobs, connect with like-minded professionals access career development resources with The Mom Project. According to the New York Times, research has shown that job searches that last beyond weeks have the potential to decrease a person’s sense of well-being. From there, it’s easy to understand how someone’s sense of well-being takes hit after hit.

Reclaim The Infinity Stones To Escape Job Search Depression

I am following social distance guidelines & am not leaving my house much. “If the depression, anxiety and hopelessness is taking over and you’re just unable to get out of your own head, if you’re feeling worthless and without purpose, that’s a red flag. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help,” Cavanaugh says. “This can be a longer road and a more intense process than you expect, but you have to keep going. Maybe you went through interviews that didn’t go well.

Maybe your career has helped shape your sense of self for several years, or you’re searching for an entry-level role and unsure how to define yourself now that you’re no longer a student. Sometimes a good chat is the best remedy for a tough emotional situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or depression over the job hunt, reach out to someone you feel comfortable talking to. It could be your family, friends, colleagues, or even a professional therapist.

Best Of Transition: Ph D Jobs & Job Search Strategies April 2, 2022

Being depressed while you are unemployed is the worst. If you are also socially isolated or being excluded from social contact then you have just about the worst situation. It is really hard to stop yourself from continuing with a negative frame of mind if you are also being unsuccessful in your job searching, but, dont give up. One thing which is really useful is to take a volunteer role, one or two days per week for at least 4-6 weeks. Doing this should help to re-inforce that you have suitable work skills, not only to potential employers but to yourself. If everything around you is really dragging you down, you need something to lift you up!

  • There are things happening that are out of your control so there is no point in stressing yourself over it.
  • It’ll also help you keep all of your priorities and responsibilities in balance.
  • Rather than blasting out as many resumes as you can handle, or only looking once a day, you should take a more targeted approach.

If you want to talk with other people struggling to find a job while depressed, visit Supportiv‘s instant, anonymous chat. Hit Chat Now, enter your main thoughts, and you’ll get connected with others who get it. Plan out a basic idea of how you want each day to go. Think of when to wake up, where you’ll look for jobs, how you’ll approach applications, and what skills can use some improvement . While not all jobs require one, it’s always good to have a basic cover letter template on hand that you can adjust for every job you apply for. Both documents provide a brief snapshot of your skill-set, as well as of how you present yourself, so it’s important to continually refine them as you try to find a job.

Ten Ways To Feel Less Poor #jobsearch

According to a New York Times article, people experience an increased sense of well-being just after losing their jobs. However, that trend reverses if they’re still hunting after 10 to 12 weeks. I’m a communications and media studies major and I’m terrified of the prospects of a future without stable employment, or being stuck in a job that only pays me barely above poverty depression and job search level salary. Getting experience and getting started on a career path should absolutely not be this demanding or exhausting. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the development of job search depression. In addition to the overall frustration of not landing a job, financial stress, feelings of inadequacy, anger, anxiety, and uncertainty are also often.

  • As per usual treatments for depression, regular sleep, exercise and a good diet will help.
  • Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with job search depression.
  • Remember, this unfortunate period is only temporary, so don’t sweat it.
  • Beyond the interview process, maintaining a positive mindsetmakes you a better candidate for recruiters.

The decisions that you make as a job seeker have both short-term and long-term implications on your job security and earning potential. It’s critical that you have the resolve to stick with it until you find the right fit. There’s nothing worse than having to start all over in six months or a year–or sooner–because you acted hastily,” Chafel says. Staying emotionally healthy during such a turbulent time requires patience, positivity and stamina, Cavanaugh says.

It’s important to keep a positive outlook and to create small, specific goals for yourself so that you can see measured progress over time. When you are faced with rejection, learn from it and grow so that you can approach the next application that much stronger. Surround yourself with positive people and refuse to give in to negativity and a victim mentality. Sometimes the best remedy to get your head right from job searching is to take some time to do an activity that you enjoy. Whether that be watching tv, going outside for some Sun, or simply just closing your eyes for a quick reboot can do wonders for your mental health. It is essential to take care of your mental health, especially when it can drastically change the outcome of your job search.

depression and job search

Furthermore, the intervention had an impact on both the incidence and prevalence of more severe depressive symptoms among high-risk individuals. I knew it was coming— our company had been on the decline for the last year & Covid was the nail in the coffin.

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But, as time goes on, it can become harder and harder to stay positive and hopeful, and it can ultimately lead to negative feelings and even job depression. Sometimes, all the meditation apps, consistent routines, and supportive friends in the world aren’t enough to break the cycle of depression and anxiety.

depression and job search

If that’s where you are, it’s important to reach out to a mental health professional for support. It may seem like you’re on your own in the job search blues, especially if most people you know appear to be on a great career track.

Feelings of inadequacy prevent you from putting your best foot forward and landing that job. When you are ready to try something more, we cantalk on the phoneto explore your options. With over 100K strong in our network, is part of the, LLC family of Recruiting and HR communities. Women Make the News – Thailand is a UNESCO Bangkok project supported by Sweden. Don’t shy away from volunteering and building networks.

Kate Kemp, Five Days Into Unemployment, Comes To Grips With Reality While Negotiating With This Two

Trying to have a positive outlook on your current situation will help you succeed in your search for employment. The mask we all wear on the outside no matter how we feel on the inside is the first thing people will notice, as sad as that fact might be, it is true.

Data-driven quality and safety improvement projects in a network currently numbering 14 mental health hospitals. Consider being open to new possibilities, such as applying for remote work, and you may just land the job you’ve been searching for. As long as you don’t dwell on the negatives of your job search, you may forget all about it and actually have fun. If you run out of things to do in your job search, switch gears and fill your time sharpening your skills or adding new ones to your toolbelt. This will help you stay on top of your job search and follow-ups. Send follow-ups to any jobs you’ve applied to or have interviewed with.