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Lactation Diet

Supporting another life inside of you definitely requests additional consideration in terms of consumption of foods, thoughts & content.

To cruise through the 9 months easily and from there on guarantee enough milk creation to take care of and feed her infant well, we help women in this overwhelming period of their life to amplify their nourishment to hold their weight under tight restraints and provide for their milk gracefully.

Your child during the underlying period of lactation totally relies upon the sustenance that is being drawn from your mammary organs. Heaps of hormonal changes and whatever you burn-through during the period of lactation, passes down to your baby through the feed.

Slow or minimal milk creation is a common concern today.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this, we at FF are here to guide you through nurturing a new life along with yours.

Contact us to plan your lactation feast plans in such a way that the maternal and baby wellbeing is well supported.