PCOS (Balancing Hormones)

5 PCOS Myths Every Women Should Know

Don’t wait for your STARS to align, focus on aligning the hormones.


PCOS only affects overweight women.

No. PCOS can affect women of all shapes and sizes!


If your periods are irregular, you have PCOS.

No. Extreme dieting, thyroid disorder, stress, uterine fibroids, over-exercising, can all cause irregular periods.


PCOS is a rare condition.

No. 1/10 women suffer from PCOS. It is not a disease, but a condition that can present itself in different ways.


Taking pills can reverse PCOS.

Pills can act like a band-aid that masks the symptoms, temporarily.

Hormonal Health should be addressed more holistically.


If you lose weight, you can get rid of PCOS.

From mood swings to infertility to acne, these symptoms seem like a random assortment of things that no man or woman would ever want to experience. Could these be a part of one disorder?

In the grand scheme of it all, PCOS has a lot to do with poor lifestyle choices.

When we say poor lifestyle choices, it could be a lot of things under the umbrella of ‘Poor Choices’. Overeating, under-eating, inactivity, sleeping patterns, stress levels, etc.
Women with PCOS have an increased prevalence of obesity. Fat cells in women with PCOS tend to be more insulin resistant and tend to have higher insulin levels. 50% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese.

Any unevenness or interruption in any hormone can influence the correspondence between the cerebrum, organs and various organs of the body which can display as disagreeable minor side effects, for example, temperament swings, skin and hair issues, mind haze, weakness, laziness, low craving and significant indications which can potentially ransack a lady from herself at any phase of womanhood gas breath strain.

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While medicines only act like a band-aid, we do more by burrowing further for the underlying driver and work with a comprehensive way to deal with this and enable you to assume responsibility for your wellbeing.
PCOS reversal demands conscious consumption in terms of not only food but thoughts too.

A quick 2-step solution to your PCOS issue by FF


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