There is even Yoga for 12-Step Recovery, which intertwines a regular yoga practice with the 12 steps and recovery themes. Moving your body in a healthy way is a great anxiety reliever. Making this a part of your recovery program can help in more ways than one.

Either way, life in recovery, we discover, can be adventurous, fulfilling and fun — without the need to drink or use. As long as our motives are in check, we can participate in these things that bring us joy without fear of relapse. Any reputable rehab facility has introduced recovering alcoholics to the 12 Step programs that are the foundation of traditional sobriety.

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Probably not going to be a gazillionaire. But I’ll be a damned fool about drinking. I will try, try, try and try to be sober. But for many of us, these wants are not backed up by self-awareness or self-esteem. Enter dysfunctional, people-pleasing, manipulative, and deceptive behaviors. Enter toxic people, things, and situations. Living in sobriety is anything but boring.

What is the number one cause of relapses?

High Levels of Stress. One of the most common relapse triggers which lead to addiction, stress is something that most everyone who has committed to recovery has to deal with. Everyone deals with stress. And, before treatment, you may have dealt with yours through the use of drugs or alcohol.

Sobriety can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Sobriety can help you to improve your health, your relationships, and your overall quality fear of being sober of life. Finding an addiction treatment center with aftercare planning services can help you overcome your fears of long-term sobriety.

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The truth of the matter is that none of us have all the answers…and that’s okay. We may not be surrounded by the safety of rehab anymore, but relying on what we learned while we were there is the key to sobriety. We may not know the trials and tribulations we’ll face in the coming weeks and months, but we’ve been given the tools to navigate any storm that comes our way.

Caring for people and their babies in the opioid crisis –

Caring for people and their babies in the opioid crisis.

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